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As posted a week ago, the well-known guide book company Lonely Planet is running a promotional campaign they call 12 days of christmas. Started on the 1st December it is now only 3 more days left to get a deal.

Todays deal is however pretty interesting and will benefit some people as their shipping rate sometimes can kill that good price that you found on a specific book you wanted. Today the shipping is free if you spend more than 25 GBP in their shop. At the same time all pocket guides are £5/€7.50 + Free Shipping by using the code POCKETDEAL

For more information and guide books please visit

If you want to feel a bit luxurious on your travels or invite someone special for a nice weekend, then this is the deal for you. Hilton Hotel is currently having a 3 day sale of hotel rooms in the UK, Europe, Middle East and Africa for an affordable price from 65 Euro for bookings until 17th October 2012 (Midnight GMT +1).

The price is valid for weekend stays (Friday,Saturday,Sunday) and between 19th October until 29th December 2013. Different cities and countries offers various discounts which are ranging between 15% to 40% off the normal rates.

Offer is not available for stays on New Years Eve, 31 December 2012.

For prices, information and booking please visit their webpage

If you are a travel geek and like numbers and statistics then this next site is perfect for you!

Flight Memory enables you to easily keep track of where you have flown and then easily produce maps showing your flight routes. They will also tell you your total time in the air, distance flown and even keep track of aircraft types and airlines. As well as it keeps track on airports, routes, seats and much more. The site also generates a logbook of your personal flights in real-time.

If you wanna show off your statistics, like I am doing below, the sites also provides you with codes to place a banner on your website or profile page.

The summary statistics of my flights since 2008 until now


To start your own profile to keep track, check out their webpage



If you are one of those who have bought a flight ticket to Iceland with any of the available low-cost carriers then you might find this link useful. One of the biggest selling points for Iceland is the spectacular Aurora Borealis ( which is actually visible from all areas above the polar circle) with its dramatic coloring of the sky. Also commonly known as Northern Lights.

However it can also be very elusive and not always you are lucky to be able to see it due to weather and clouds.

The Icelandic meteorological office are currently giving Aurora reports on their webpage which can help you to plan when and where you could see it.

Check out their Aurora report on this link

A small tip for those of you who are thinking of getting away with Monarch Airlines from UK

Currently there is a “£20 off” voucher that can be used for return flights.
The discount code: GETWAY is valid for travels until 26th October 2012.

For more info and booking please visit Monarchs website

To be sure you will get the lowest fare possible, you sometime have to turn to different scanners on the market and compare the results. The reason for this is that different scanners work with different airlines and sometimes one scanner can give you a better price from another airline which is not covered by the other scanner.

There is a whole sea of scanners on the market and there are far many then the ones that will be listed here below.
But it will give you a little bit more advantage in your hunt for great deals! (also available as country specific with .de and so on) – good for intercontinental flights – good for flights within Europe

from UK

from USA


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