Cheap tickets to the capital os Russia is available to book with the German flag carrier Lufthansa.

The flights which departs from Berlin between the end of April until middle of June to Moscow and back will cost you only 99 Euro when using the 20 Euro voucher that was reported on earlier today in this post here

However the flights needs to be booked at least 90 days in advance – that is 3 months – so you need to book these tickets as soon as possible as they are limited in amount.

Lufthansa is also having good prices on one-way tickets to other cities like Istanbul and Tel Aviv.

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The Crazy Sale at the Polish national carrier LOT is in full effect and gives a really cheap tickets if you would like to visit either the capital Moscow or the large city of St Petersburg in Russia.

A return ticket departing from Warsaw in Poland to either Moscow or St Petersburg will cost you no more than 85 Euro if you are fast and book during the sale which is ongoing until tomorrow 28th December 23:59 CET.

As the sale is for tickets with travel dates until 30th June 2013, it makes a perfect opportunity to plan the early summer holidays with a longer stay in Russia and maybe even travel around the country.

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AirBerlin, the German low-cost carrier is today offering, and only today, a limited amount of tickets departing from Berlin to Moscow for only 98 Euro including taxes and fees.

A minimum stay of 2 days or from Saturday to Sunday is required and travel period is between 5th January and 22nd March 2013. A few seats are available for this great price so you better be quick to book before it is sold out!

For more information and booking please choose Nr 21 for todays offer on

Photo: Lasse Fuss

Photo: Lasse Fuss

If you have a desire to visit “Mother Russia” then you have a chance by taking advantage of the low price offered by the Dutch flag carrier KLM. Currently there is a limited number of return tickets available that is departing from Washington D.C and lands in the Russian capital Moscow for the very low price of 371 USD.

The tickets must be booked at least 7 days in advance and all flights have a stop in Amsterdam on their way. You can find tickets until 20th April 2013 and as usual you should use the Ia title=”Matrix Airfare Search” href=”” target=”_blank”>ITA Software Matrix Airfare Search to find the tickets.

Use the  flexible month search to find the available tickets and enable the advanced routing codes using the code “kl+” on both the outbound and in the return field to find the tickets that is offered only by KLM.

Use the dates that you found using the ITA Matrix and book on

If you wanna visit Russia and the city St. Petersburg also known for its “white nights” then you should have a look at this offer by German carrier AirBerlin.

Return flights from Berlin to St. Petersburg are on sale for 98 Euro at the moment and needs to be booked before 3rd December meaning today. The travel dates are in the period from 5th January to 22nd March 2013 with an unlimited maximum length of stay.

For example departing from Berlin Tegel (TXL) on 14th March and return from St. Petersburg (LED) on 17th March. If you rather visit the capital Moscow then flights are available from Berlin and from Munich for the same price.

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Photo Konstantin von Wedelstaedt

Photo Konstantin von Wedelstaedt

Another amazing deal for flights out of US is available for those of you who are interested in visiting Moscow in Russia.

The Russian carrier Transaero is flying Boeing planes non-stop to US and a trip to Moscow for under $400 is a real bang for the buck. You should not expect too much in the terms of service though but given this price you can easily bring  your own entertainment on board. Transaero operates the New York – Moscow route a few times per week.
The price includes one free check bag up to 25 kilos/55 pounds and a carry-on of 8 kilos/17 pounds.
Travel dates are between 15th January to 30th March 2013.

As usual you should use ITA Software Matrix Airfare Search and flexible month search to see availability of the flights. Enable the advanced routing codes and enter “un+” on both outbound and return fields to search only for Transaero.
The routing codes are JFK – DME (Moscow – Domodedovo) – JFK
Availability of the tickets are limited as usual but must be booked before 14th December.

Use the dates you found on the ITA Software Matrix Airfare Search and book on

Russian carrier Ural Airlines is currently offering a great deal on their route from Cologne (Köln) in Germany to the capital Moscow in Russia. You can buy a return ticket for the low 90 Euros.

The flights are available until the end of February and the price include all taxes, fees and even 20kg of luggage so that you can pack up all the warm clothes as it surely will be a bit chilly in Moscow at that time of year

Please visit the website for more information and bookings

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