Even though this is a sponsored video it really shows peoples true imagination and experiences.
I can not do anything but smile when I watched this one.
What do you think?


The travelling year of 2012 is slowly coming to its end.

It has been 3½ months since we started this project and it has so far been a very exciting journey. Most because of all you people out there who are supporting Tips Of Travelling and spread the word about us.  But also because I would never htought that the response to this site would become so overwhelming. Both from travellers as from people and companies that has put forward different business proposals.

The site is growing fast and during the 3½ months we have been up we have posted 587 posts with tips, tricks, ideas, information and a lot of flight, train, bus, hotel and other deals that are available.
We passed 36.000 views just an hour ago making it about 10.000 views a month (!) already with the highest amount of views on 6th December when we had 1.136 views in 24 hours which really blew our minds!
This only proves that we are on the right track here.
All to help you to travel Further. Longer. Cheaper.

We got ourselves a new logo which we hope that you like as well as we also released, for fun,  a short commercial that we really enjoyed – so feel free to spread it as well.

A new travel year named 2013 is coming up ahead of us where we also will introduce a new site which will have more information and data available to help you to travel more. Some of you have already seen it as it was up for some beta test runs during a day a few weeks ago.

So from us to you.
A really big Thank You for supporting us in 2012 and hope to have your continued support in 2013!

If you have done a road trip before, meaning spending several hours behind the steering wheel of a vechicle with someone else, you know that all those long hours will become boring at one point. You need to entertain yourself in one way or another. Some play games counting words or colors of cars or even verbs on top of other verbs. And then there are those who discuss about the meaning of life which can be a quite a boring subject or even break the road trip total as you find out that you have totally different views and opinions. And then there are those who sing.

And what do they sing?