It’s possible to get a cheap hotel room in a bigger city because of Expedia´s new flash sale on hotel rooms.
This weeks sale applies especially if you would like a bit more luxury for some reason and is looking to book at the larger hotel chains.

The sale this week is for certain hotels in the cities of London, Paris, Berlin, Amsterdam, Barcelona

On some of the selected hotels you even get additional 10% off the price by using the promo code EURO10EXP when booking a room and pay for it. Booking has to be done before Thursday 10th January.

For more information and booking please check-in at


2 days ago we reported that there is currently very cheap tickets to India and the city Mumbai that you can book and that you would be flying with the Jordanian national airline – Royal Jordanian. Find the post here

Previously we reported that the return cities of this fork flight was Vienna and Berlin with a cost from 349 Euro. Now a new option has been found and you can get the flights even cheaper by returning to Paris instead and pay a price of 319 Euro!
The flights still have to depart from Barcelona in Spain or if you want to depart from Madrid then you have to add 6 Euro more and pay 325 Euro for the return trip.

Tickets are still available but in a limited amount and travel dates are until 31st March but you have to start your travel before 20th March and the maximum allowed stay is 45 days. Must be booked before 31st March but ticket will most likely already be sold out by then.

An example of booking is departing from Barcelona (BCN) on the 3rd March and return from Mumbai (BOM) to Paris (PAR) on 21st March for 319 Euro.

The routes that you can book are
Barcelona/Madrid – Mumbai – Berlin/Frankfurt/Vienna/Paris

For more information and booking please visit

Photo: paulandaline @ flickr

Photo: paulandaline @ flickr

As reported a few days ago there was a really great offer for cheap tickets to Peru and the capital Lima.
These tickets were sold out very quick and a lot of people lost the chance to get them.

However some more tickets has been found with some scattered dates between January and June.
What is needed is to take a fork flight where you depart from Paris in France and return to London in UK after spending your time in Peru.
And you are allowed to stay away for 12 months making thiks an opportunity iof you wanna travel around the area for a few months.

As previous offer, the Czech site Pelikan has a prepared calendar with departure and return dates as they are available but must be booked by tomorrow 31st December.

For the 315 Euro tickets click here Paris-Lima-London 315 Euro

Photo: paulandaline @ flickr

Photo: paulandaline @ flickr

This is a deal which offers really cheap flight to Peru and the capital Lima.
A fork flight is required where you depart from Paris in France and return to London in UK after spending your time in Peru.

There are a lot of low-cost carriers connecting with both Paris and London so you can get away with a really good price here. The flights are operated by the Brazilian carrier TAM Airways and are to be booked through the Czech site

To get the lowest price for 316 Euro you must depart on 20th January and return on the 25th February 2013.
If you rather travel on other dates the price will increase to 351 Euro but this is still very cheap for a return ticket to Peru.
Travel is to take place between 19th January and 14th June 2013

For the 351 Euro tickets, Pelikan has already prepared a calendar with departure and return dates as they are available

For the 316 Euro ticket click here Paris-Lima-London 316 Euro

For the 351 Euro calendar click here Paris-Lima-London 351 Euro

Currently you can book a trip to any of the Caribbean islands of Guadeloupe or Martinique with the French carrier Corsair for a great price.
The flights depart from Paris, France and a return trip to Pointe A Pitre in Guadeloupe or Fort Du France in Martinique will cost you 425 Euro.
It is also possible to have a fork flight where you fly to Guadeloupe and return from Martinique or vice versa.

The tickets need to be booked before the 20th December and are available, as usual,  in a limited amount.
Departure dates is between 7th May to 26th June with the maximum stay of 15 days.
Booking is done through the Czech site

An example is leaving from Paris (ORY) on 15th May and return from Martininque (FDF) on the 22th May

Paris-Martinique 425 Euro
Paris-Guadeloupe 425 Euro
Paris-Guadeloupe/Martinique-Paris 425 Euro
Paris-Martinique/Guadeloupe-Paris 425 Euro

Photo: Adrian Pingstone

Photo: Adrian Pingstone

The flag carrier of Finland, yes that cold little country in the north, Finnair is currently offering a good sale for those of the people living in New York and around and would like to visit the capital Paris in France.

The travel has to be done between 1st January and 27th February 2013 on a Monday to Thursday departure with booking to be done at minimum three (3) days in advance. Use the great flight scanner ITA Software Matrix Airfare Search and flexible month search to find the available tickets.  Also remember to enable the advanced code and enter “ay+” on both outbound and inbound to see the tickets from Finnair.

As Finnair is a member of the OneWorld alliance, the same as for example American Airlines, you can get the full mileage credited to your AAdvantage frequent flyer number.

The flights have a stop in Helsinki, capital of Finland on the way to and back from Paris.

For more information and booking please visit and use the dates found in the ITA Matrix search

Another great deal can be found with Ethiad Airways, one of the best airlines in the world, departing from Paris and this time the flight goes to Bangkok in Thailand and return to the German city of Munich.
This fork flight gives you the low price of 400 Euro.

This has to be done fast before all tickets are sold out and the latest date for purchase is 10th November. The price is valid for travel from 12th November until 31st May 2013 with an unlimited amount of time of stay.

An example of flights to Bangkok from Paris(CDG) is on 3 April and return from Bangkok (BKK) to Munich (MUC) on 24 April.

More information and booking on