Cheap tickets to Mombasa in Kenya or to Zanzibar is available if you are flexible and can depart this Sunday, 13th January, already. A fantastic price of 300 Euro for a return trip is available when departing from Brussels in Belgium and return 8 days later on Monday 21st January.

All reservations has a 15 Euro additional booking fee which will be lower if several people fly at the same time.

The flights are operated by the Belgium low-cost carrier Jetairfly which is also where you would book the tickets if you are interested.

For more information or booking please visit www.jetairfly.comĀ 


For the rough traveller Turkish Airlines are currently having a promotion on several flights departing from Istanbul. Mostly interesting are those flights going to the African countries Kenya and Tanzania.

A return flight to Mombasa in Kenya or to Kilimanjaro in Tanzania is available for just under 300 Euro
If you wanna be more flexible, than the journey Istanbul to Kilimanjaro and return to Istanbul from Mombasa is available from under 300 Euro as well.

If you wanna venture back to Europe after your trip to Africa then that is possible as well for additional fee as an example Istanbul – Kilimanjaro – Munich for 370 Euro or Istanbul – Kilimanjaro – Vienna for 410 Euro.

Tariff conditions restrict departures from 4 December to 4 March 2013 with the maximum length of stay of 1 month and book tickets are subjected to limited availability.

For information and booking visit