It’s possible to get a cheap hotel room in a bigger city because of Expedia´s new flash sale on hotel rooms.
This weeks sale applies especially if you would like a bit more luxury for some reason and is looking to book at the larger hotel chains.

The sale this week is for certain hotels in the cities of London, Paris, Berlin, Amsterdam, Barcelona

On some of the selected hotels you even get additional 10% off the price by using the promo code EURO10EXP when booking a room and pay for it. Booking has to be done before Thursday 10th January.

For more information and booking please check-in at

Photo: paulandaline @ flickr

Photo: paulandaline @ flickr

More cheap tickets are available to Peru and the capital Lima. Not as cheap as the last few weeks when the tickets sold out quick but still a very good price from 340 Euro for a fork flight.

Dates are scattered again between February and April and what is needed is to take a fork flight where you depart from Milan-Malpensa airport in Italy and return to London in UK after spending your time in Peru.

Both London and Milan is easy reachable with low-cost airlines from several places in Europe.
To find flights you can check our list of low-cost carriers in Europe .

Departure flights available on:
February 12,
March 5,
April 4, 5, 8, 10

Returning flights available on:
February 20, 21, 22, 25, 26
March 13
April 28, 25

For searching and booking please check

Photo: paulandaline @ flickr

Photo: paulandaline @ flickr

As reported a few days ago there was a really great offer for cheap tickets to Peru and the capital Lima.
These tickets were sold out very quick and a lot of people lost the chance to get them.

However some more tickets has been found with some scattered dates between January and June.
What is needed is to take a fork flight where you depart from Paris in France and return to London in UK after spending your time in Peru.
And you are allowed to stay away for 12 months making thiks an opportunity iof you wanna travel around the area for a few months.

As previous offer, the Czech site Pelikan has a prepared calendar with departure and return dates as they are available but must be booked by tomorrow 31st December.

For the 315 Euro tickets click here Paris-Lima-London 315 Euro

Photo: paulandaline @ flickr

Photo: paulandaline @ flickr

This is a deal which offers really cheap flight to Peru and the capital Lima.
A fork flight is required where you depart from Paris in France and return to London in UK after spending your time in Peru.

There are a lot of low-cost carriers connecting with both Paris and London so you can get away with a really good price here. The flights are operated by the Brazilian carrier TAM Airways and are to be booked through the Czech site

To get the lowest price for 316 Euro you must depart on 20th January and return on the 25th February 2013.
If you rather travel on other dates the price will increase to 351 Euro but this is still very cheap for a return ticket to Peru.
Travel is to take place between 19th January and 14th June 2013

For the 351 Euro tickets, Pelikan has already prepared a calendar with departure and return dates as they are available

For the 316 Euro ticket click here Paris-Lima-London 316 Euro

For the 351 Euro calendar click here Paris-Lima-London 351 Euro

The Hungarian low-cost carrier WizzAir is currently having a really good sale on tickets for their route London to Ljubljana in Slovenia. You can get a return ticket for as low as 6 euro return if you are a member of their Wizz Discount Club. If you are not a member you can still get the tickets for the low price of 20 Euro if you pay with the Wizz Account or any of the Wizz cards. For all other major credit cards a credit card fee applies.

It should also be mentioned that WizzAir is also the only low-cost airline in Europe that is currently charging for carry-on luggage in the normal size.

if you decide to book tickets with WizzAir then this previous post on WizzAir new carry-on rules can be good to read not to get shocked at the gate by another fee to pay.

Tickets are available for several dates in January 2013 and limited amount is what applies as usual.

For more information and booking please visit

The British national carrier British Airways, also known as BA,  is currently offering an unbeatable price for return flights from London to the capital of South Korea, Seoul for 377 GBP / 472 Euro.

The booking has to be done before the 16th November and the price include all taxes with flights only available is December. Use the BA ‘Ticket Type’ Lowest price to find the cheapest fare.

Departures are available between 02nd to 11th December with return dates available until 19th of December.

For more information and booking please visit

More deals appears from the national flag carrier of Saudi Arabia, named Saudi Arabian airlines, as previously reported the past 2 days.
Yesterday it was for flights to India for 273 Euro from Rome and the flights to Bangladesh for 314 Euro and today it is a lot of combinations from the cities of Rome, London and Istanbul to South African city Johannesburg from €341  to for Singapore €390 and to capital of Ethipoia, Addis Adeba for €310.

 It seems like Saudi Arabian Airlines forgot to add the fuel charge to the price so wait until you receive the E-ticket and confirmed booking before booking any hotel or similar to be on the sure side.

Sample dates


  • Rome – Johannesburg – Rome (eg. 09 – 24/02/2013)
  • Istanbul – Johannesburg – Istanbul (09 – 21/02/2013)
  • Istanbul – Johannesburg – Rome (eg. 19/01/ – 03/02/2013)
  • Istanbul – Johannesburg – London Heathrow (eg. 19.01 – 07/02/2013)
  • Istanbul – Johannesburg – Rome (eg. 09 – 24/02/2013)
  • Rome – Johannesburg – Istanbul (eg. 06 – 21/02/2013)
  • Rome – Johannesburg – London Heathrow (eg. 09 – 21/02/2013)
  • Rome – Singapore – London Heathrow (eg. 05 – 20/02/2013)
Addis Adeba:
  • Istanbul – Addis Abeba – Istanbul (06 – 20/02/2013)
  • Istanbul – Addis Abeba – Rome (09 – 23/02/2013)
  • Rome – Addis Abeba – Rome (03 – 20/02/2013)
  • Istanbul – Addis Abeba – London Heathrow (09 – 23/02/2013)
  • Rome – Addis Abeba – London Heathrow (03 – 23/02/2013)

The dates above are just examples, there are loads of other possible dates.

If you are flexible and willing to fly fork flights, or open-jaw as they also are called, you have to use the multi-destination flight search.

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