Cheap tickets to Mombasa in Kenya or to Zanzibar is available if you are flexible and can depart this Sunday, 13th January, already. A fantastic price of 300 Euro for a return trip is available when departing from Brussels in Belgium and return 8 days later on Monday 21st January.

All reservations has a 15 Euro additional booking fee which will be lower if several people fly at the same time.

The flights are operated by the Belgium low-cost carrier Jetairfly which is also where you would book the tickets if you are interested.

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Jetairfly, The Belgian low-cost airline, is currently offering cheap return flights from their Brussel hub to the African destinations of Mombasa in Kenya from 399 Euro and the islands of Zanzibar outside the coast of  Tanzania from 399 Euro. If you rather fly east then you can get cheap tickets to Asia and Phuket in Thailand from 449 Euro.

All prices are including the taxes and are valid if you are flexible and can depart within the next few weeks.

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The Belgian low-cost carrier Jetairfly is currently having a sellout on tickets to Cancun in Mexico, Punta Cana in Dominican Republic and finally to Montego Bay in Jamaica.

Comparing to the previous post this deal is cheaper and also available for most dates of November depending on the destination of course. Limited amount of seats apply and all taxes are included.

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If you already have made up your holiday plans for next summer then the Belgian low-cost carrier Jetairfly has announced their sale of the summer flights 2013 for a lower price. The prices are per person, one way with airport taxes included.

The booking period must be done before 30th November but there are only a limited number of seats. When all seats has been sold to the promotion price then a higher price will apply.

Departure period from 28th March to 23rd October 2013.

One drawback though is that an administration fee of 15 euros per booking is charged at the same time making them “one of the airlines” that find ways to charge extra fees.

Still you can find a few good deals though.

Toulon from 49,99
Nice from 49,99
Alicante from 49,99
Malaga from 49,99
Murcia from 59,99
Ibiza from 59,99
Ohrid from 59,99
Istanbul from 59,99
Majorca from 69,99
Athens from 69,99
Ajaccio from 89,99
Bastia from 89,99
Gran Canaria from 89,99
Tenerife from 89,99
Azores from 99,99
Agadir from 109,99
Marrakech from 109,99
Tel Aviv from 109,99

For more info and bookings visit their page

Another tip that might lead you to get some cheap flight tickets through the booking site Tripsta.

They are currently offering return flights from Brussels to Kap Verde €231, Punta Cana €332 or Mombasa 344 with the Belgian low-cost carrier Jetairfly.

Flights are available until March 2013 and booking to find the cheap dates are almost every Sunday to Monday between December 2012 and March 2013, also including New Years.

Advisable is to wait for your issued E-ticket before booking any accommodation.
Please visit the following sites for the booking process. or

If you are flexible with time and especially on the 26th October then you can take a return flight with the low-cost carrier Jetairfly to Cuba.

Return flights from Brussels to Varadero are on sale for 450 EUR plus 15 EUR reservation fee regardless of the number of persons traveling. The tariff is only available on the departure from Brussels (BRU) on 26 October and return from Varadero (VRA), 6, 9 or 13th November.

For more info and booking please visit their home page

The Belgium carrier Jetairfly has just announced their latest promotion which contains some real sweet deals if you are fast enough to book tickets.

Departing from four different airports in Belgium depending on the destination, the tickets are priced per person, one way. Airport taxes are included in the price and the booking period is from 25/09/12 till 09/10/12.

Departure period from 25/09/12 till 27/03/13 and as usual there is only a limited number of seats available for the indicated price. When fully booked, higher price will apply.
For all reservations through there is an administration fee of 15 euros per booking.

Prices below are indicated in Euro.

Toulon from 49,99
Malaga from 49,99
Alicante from 49,99
Antalya from 49,99
Gran Canaria from 49,99
Oran from 49,99
Pristina from 49,99
Tenerife from 49,99
Tangier from 49,99
Luxor from 99,99
Zanzibar from 199,99
Mombasa from 199,99
Varadero from 299,99
Cancun from 299,99