Cheap flights to Budapest, the mythical capital of Hungary, is currently available in a limited number in February with Delta Air Lines.

A roundtrip flight departing from Baltimore to Budapest with a few stops on the way will cost you no more 530 USD which makes this a very cheap flight.

By using the ITA Software Matrix Airfare Search you will find the available dates. Search by using the option “flexible month” and enable the advanced routing codes. You need to enter “dl+” on both the outbound and return fields to get the site to only search for the tickets available with Delta Air Lines.

Flights are available for travel between 8th and 24th February and tickets are sold until 24th February or until sold out.

Use the dates found on the ITA Matrix search and book directly on



If you are flying to, or are in Budapest on Thursday the 13 December you should visit the GO 4 TRAVEL desk in Terminal 2B.  At 14.00 CET they will be giving away 100 one-way tickets, free of charge, among those who are wearing at least 2 pink pieces of clothing when showing up. The tickets are valid for a flight to Geneva on the 19th December.

More information on Budapest Airports facebook page – it is in Hungarian though 🙂

If you would like to visit Israel then WizzAir is currently having a very good deal on flights to Tel Aviv departing from their home hub Budapest.  Return flights can be bought for as low as 65 Euro with a small carry-on bag.
If you pay with a Wizz account the price becomes as low as 50 Euros for the return flight.

It should also be mentioned that WizzAir is also the only low-cost airline in Europe that is currently charging for carry-on luggage in the normal size.

if you decide to book tickets with WizzAir then this previous post on WizzAir new carry-on rules can be good to read not to get shocked at the gate by another fee to pay.

Tickets are available for several dates in January 2013 and limited amount is what applies as usual.
For more information and booking please visit

The low-cost carrier RyanAir is currently selling tickets from its Poland base in Warsaw to Budapest, the capital of Hungary for the amazingly low price of 0.25 Euro.

Tickets are available for the dates  1, 4, 7, 14, 16, 17 and 18 December and 6, 8, 12, 14, 21, 22, 25 of January 2013.

At the same time the cities Brussel, Eindhoven, Bergamo, Oslo, Paris and Stockholm are also available for 0.25 Euro one-way however the amount and availability is not known.

Booking needs to be done before Wednesday 15th November

For more info and booking please visit

The well-known low-cost carrier RyanAir is currently offering cheap flight tickets from their hub in Budapest. You can reach Gothenburg, The second largest city in Sweden situated on the west coast, for the very low price of 0.5 Euro for a return ticket.

This is only available for flights departing in December and the price is valid when paying with Mastercard Prepaid. Otherwise the price is 2.5 Euro one-way which is still cheap.

Other flights available for 2.5 Euro one-way are Brussels, Eindhoven, Frankfurt Hahn, Milano, Rome, Stockholm and Warsaw.

For more information and booking please visit

The russian carrier Aeroflot currently offers discounted flights to the Asian country of Kyrgyzstan for an amazingly low price. Departure is from the Hungarian capital of Budapest with a stop-over in Moscow before landing in Bishkek.

Availability for the cheap flights stretches until September 2013 making it ideal to book your summer plans already in time to organize visa if so needed.

Easiest way to find the flights is using the different flight scanners on the market like or if you use the German booking page  you can use the promo code “HAYWIRE” giving you 10 Euro discount

RyanAir is currently offering a favourable price on flight tickets to Budapest in Hungary and to Warsaw and Krakow in Poland.

Departing from their Gothenburg hub you can get a one way ticket to Budapest for as little as 18 Sek or 2.1 Euro including taxes and fees.

If you instead depart from their hub in Stockholm/Skavsta/Nyköping then you can reach the capital in Poland, Warsaw for 2 Sek (0.25 Euro) or to Krakow for 3 Sek (0.35 Euro).
If you wanna fly to Budapest then you would have to pay 44Sek (5 Euro)

And if you are closer to their Malmö hub then you can fly to Wroclaw in Poland for 109 Sek (12.6 Euro)

Booking period is between 16th-18th October and flights to be taken between 1st Nov to 31 Jan 2013 on a Monday to Thursday. Tickets are subjected to availability and does not include any optional charges and fees

Booking and information are available on their site