Delta Air Lines, the American carrier is once again offering good prices on flights to Brazil departing from Amsterdam. If you have time and would like to visit the vibrant city of Sao Paulo in Brazil and also compare it to the vibrant city in the northern part of Americas refered to as “The Big Apple”, New York, then you should pay attention here.

A fork flight taking the route Amsterdam – Sao Paulo – New York – Amsterdam is currently available to book for the low 463 Euro. All flights have a short stopover in Atlanta or New York City but you can choose if you wanna stop in New York or in Atlanta longer and for a few Euro more you can get a longer stay over in either city and explore it.

You can also fly to Rio de Janeiro and return from Sao Paulo or the other way around.

The tickets are limited and the flights has to be booked before the 5th February with travels to be completed by 20th March. Two stopovers are permitted – one in each direction in either Atlanta or in New York City.

To find the availability of dates with Delta, use the great scanner to find dates and use the dates you find to book on any of Expedias sites.

Please visit, Expedia.itor
You might need to select “Delta” as a prefered airline when booking the tickets to get the correct price.


Cheap flights to Budapest, the mythical capital of Hungary, is currently available in a limited number in February with Delta Air Lines.

A roundtrip flight departing from Baltimore to Budapest with a few stops on the way will cost you no more 530 USD which makes this a very cheap flight.

By using the ITA Software Matrix Airfare Search you will find the available dates. Search by using the option “flexible month” and enable the advanced routing codes. You need to enter “dl+” on both the outbound and return fields to get the site to only search for the tickets available with Delta Air Lines.

Flights are available for travel between 8th and 24th February and tickets are sold until 24th February or until sold out.

Use the dates found on the ITA Matrix search and book directly on

If you havent been to Istanbul in Turkey yet you should really consider going.
And if you live in Miami or the surroundings then you should think even more about it.

A great price for a return ticket is offered by Delta Air Lines who will fly you from Miami via JFK to Istanbul for the low price of 598 USD.
Tickets should be able to be booked until 31st march 2013, however seeing this price Delta will probably realise that it is too low and pull it off the market so you better be quick to get the cheap flight tickets. As usual you should use the ITA Software Matrix Airfare Search to find teh available dates.

Search by using the option “flexible month” and enable the advanced routing codes. You need to enter “dl+” on both the outbound and return fields to get the site to only search for Delta Airlines tickets.

The travel dates are from 20th July to 20th August 2013 when the weather is very good in Istanbul.

If you are staying a bit longer in Turkey and want to see more of the country, it is recommended that you also check out the Turkish low-cost carrier Pegasus for cheap domestic flights.

For booking please visit and book with the dates that you found using ITA Matrix search

Delta Air Lines are currently offering a good deal for flights to Bermuda departing from San Francisco. A return ticket to the island territory of Bermuda is available for 381 USD and tickets are available until August 2013 in a limited amount.

As usual when it comes to U.S domestic or International flights the ITA Software Matrix Airfare Search is the best scanner. You must use the flexible month search to find the tickets and also enable the advanced routing code and use “dl+” for Delta Air Lines.  The tickets must be booked at least 3 days in advance of departure. All flights have a stop in Atlanta on the way there and home.

Book the tickets directly on with the dates that you found using the ITA Matrix scanner

If you have ever wondered or wanted to visit the African continent then this deal is something you should check out.

Nigeria is not the fist tourist destination when you think of Africa but it is an interesting destination and also a chance to travel further into Africa and among the countries if wanted.  Delta is flying the line Chicago (ORD) to Lagos (LOS) with a stop over in Atlanta (ATL) and a return ticket including all taxes is currently available for only 606 USD.

Travels is to be done from now until 20th March 2013 with exceptions of the periods 12th-25th December and 1st-5th January 2013 with tickets to be booked before 6th December. Limited amount of tickets are available.

To find the fares with Delta use the ITA Software Matrix Airfare Search and flexible month search to see availability.
You need to enable advanced routing codes and enter “dl+” on both outbound and return fields to search only Delta availability.

For more information and booking please visit and use the dates found on ITA Software.

The carrier Delta is currently having a good deal for those of you on the West coast who would like to visit Istanbul, the capital of Turkey.

The departure is from Los Angeles (LAX) to Istanbul (IST) with a stop-over in Amsterdam (AMS)

As usual you should use ITA Software Matrix Airfare Search and set it to flexible month search to see availability of the flights. Travel dates are from now until 16th December or between 24th December and 24th March 2013.
Enable advanced routing codes and enter “dl+” on both outbound and return fields to search only Delta flights. The seats are of course limited and when sold out a higher price applies.

Use the dates you found when using the ITA Software Matrix Airfare Search and book on



The Czech booking page are currently offering an interesting deal on return tickets from Paris to the capital Lima in Peru with Delta. The price is valid on departures until 31st March 2013 with a maximum length of stay of 12 months. Tickets are available in a limited amount and includes all taxes and fees.

To get the low price of 530 Euro you should use the code “” when booking.

An example for a trip in February 2013 you can find on this link Lima in February

To book the tickets please visit the site