Cheap tickets to the capital os Russia is available to book with the German flag carrier Lufthansa.

The flights which departs from Berlin between the end of April until middle of June to Moscow and back will cost you only 99 Euro when using the 20 Euro voucher that was reported on earlier today in this post here

However the flights needs to be booked at least 90 days in advance – that is 3 months – so you need to book these tickets as soon as possible as they are limited in amount.

Lufthansa is also having good prices on one-way tickets to other cities like Istanbul and Tel Aviv.

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If you are one of those travellers that likes to rent a car and drive around in the country you have visited then this is a good deal for you.
The booking company Holiday Autos is currently having an ongoing  sale that offer up to 30% off on the regular price on car hire in different countries.

Every day for the next 6 days until Wednesday 16th January, there will be a specific country on sale for 24 hours starting from 10am to 9:59am the next day. Some of the days there are several countries that offers the sale.

The bookings can be made on selected rentals until 31st October 2013 making this a golden chance in case you plan your summer vacation in any of the countries offered.
You should of course be fast and book as soon as possible as cars will be booked quick with this sale.

The following countries are on sale on the following dates:
Friday 11th January – Finland, Iceland, Norway & Denmark
Saturday 12th January – Malta, Turkey & Greece
Sunday 13th January – Croatia, Poland, Israel & Costa Rica
Monday 14th January – Spain (mainland), Canaries & Balearics
Tuesday 15th January – Italy, France (mainland), Guadeloupe & Martinique
Wednesday 16th January – Portugal & Madeira

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Dont forget that you can get a  voucher from Lufthansa with a 20 Euro value from the German flag carrier. The 20 Euro code is available for almost all countries that Lufthansa are flying to so it is well worth to check out.

The voucher must be used before 10th March and flights has to be taken place before 10th June.

Vouchers are only valid for itineraries where all flights are operated by Lufthansa and Lufthansa Regional Partners (incl. Lufthansa City Line and Eurowings) and for departure from the country selected when signing up.

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The Hamburg-based company JACDEC have announced the safest airline in the world after having ranked 800 carriers in 178 countries and regions.

The title was awarded to the Finnish flag carrier, Finnair, who in November this year can celebrate their 50th anniversary as an airline without any casualties.

JACDEC stands for Jet Airliner Crash Data Evaluation Centre and has been doing its audits for 36 years. They don’t only measures the number of air crashes, but also takes into account damage to aircrafts and other incidents, all in relation to the number of passengers.

The relatively new airlines in the international market, such as Etihad and Emirates, have a slight advantage as they are not burdened by statistics as far as 36 years back.

Finnair’s last fatality occurred in 1963, 13 years before JACDEC began keeping statistics. In November 1963 an aircraft of the type OH-LCA crashed near the archipelago of Åland. 22 passengers and the entire crew perished.

The top 10 safest airlines in the world

1. Finnair

2. Air New Zealand

3. Cathay Pacific

4. Emirates

5. Etihad

6. Eva Air (Taiwan)

7. TAP (Portugal)

8. Hainan Airlines

9. Virgin Australia

10. British Airways

The Malaysian low-cost carrier AirAsia continues this year with their fabulous fly-day.
Special deals which are especially made for those looking to travel really soon.

Booking period is only on friday’s and tomorrow 11th January (Friday) starting at 04:00-09:00 CET due to the time difference to Malaysia.

Below are the deals available for booking as the clock strikes 04:00 CET on


Cheap tickets to Mumbai is available to book with the national carrier of Yemen, Yemenia. A return flight departing from Frankfurt in Germany to Mumbai and back will cost no more than 443 Euro

The amount of tickets are limited but there is a good selection of dates available until 29th March with departures two times a week from Frankfurt.

All flights have a stop in Saana, the capital of Yemen.

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