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Or at least that is what the Flemish public transportation company De Lijn in Belgium claims.  It made me chuckle  🙂

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A very good video demonstrating a smart way to stay safe and keep your money safe when travelling.
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Attribution: I, Piotr Hojka

Attribution: I, Piotr Hojka

The Hungarian low-cost carrier WizzAir has released a press statement directed to theri passangers flying to Warsaw the next coming weeks.

If you are one of them you should read this as it contains vital information

Dear Passengers, due to numerous recent operational difficulties at the Modlin Airport (WMI), Wizz Air has decided to move all the flights during the Christmas holiday period (from midnight today – December 17th – till January 6th 2013) back to Chopin Airport (WAW).

We hope to guarantee a more dependable service for our 55000 passengers travelling with us this Christmas.


If you have already done your online check in, your boarding card is now invalid.

Please go through the process again. Airport check in will be free of charge, but expect long queues.

Photo: H. Michael Miley @ Flickr

It has been reported in several news that the new flagship 787 Dreamliner which is built by the aircraft manufacturer Boeing has lately suffered two bigger setbacks.
Last Tuesday a 787 Dreamliner belonging to United Airlines was forced to perform an emergency landing in New Orleans while on a flight between Houston and Newark in U.S
The landing was initiated by the pilots who reported some form of “mechanical” problems but not exactly what has been released.  United has been using the Dreamliner in commercial traffic for about a month.

Fuel Problems
At the same time both the Japanese Airlines ANA and Japan Airlines have reported fuel leakage which has led to ANA inspecting all of their 16 Dreamliners since they found the problem.
The U.S. aviation authorities are now demanding that Boeing is reviewing all the Dreamliners that has been delivered and is currently being built.
An assembly mistake in the production is thought to be the problem with the fuel leakage which can affect the power of the engine or even turn into a fire.
Boeing has since pointed out that there are several safety systems in place to prevent this from happening.

The Dreamliner is the first commercial plane that has more than 50% of it built-in new composite materials making it both lighter and giving the ability to fly longer distances which of course are two factors that is highly rated among the airlines. This is also why the expectations and anticipations of the Dreamliner are high after it has been delayed for about 3½ years due to productions of the new materials used.

European traffic effected?
In Europe the Polish national carrier LOT received the first Dreamliner which since have been heavily promoted by them.  In Scandinavia the low-cost carrier Norwegian has ordered 8 Dreamliner that will be put into route on their newly opened low-cost routes to New York and Bangkok from Stockholm and Oslo in mid 2013. Norwegian is also opting on ordering several more Dreamliner.
If these aircrafts will experience the same problem is too early to say and will be noticed after the planes have gotten some flight hours.

But will these problems bring down the success of the new super airplane?
It should be pointed out that on all new aircraft models that are commissioned airlines will always find problems just like with new car models being released.

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