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If you are one of those travellers that likes to rent a car and drive around in the country you have visited then this is a good deal for you.
The booking company Holiday Autos is currently having an ongoing  sale that offer up to 30% off on the regular price on car hire in different countries.

Every day for the next 6 days until Wednesday 16th January, there will be a specific country on sale for 24 hours starting from 10am to 9:59am the next day. Some of the days there are several countries that offers the sale.

The bookings can be made on selected rentals until 31st October 2013 making this a golden chance in case you plan your summer vacation in any of the countries offered.
You should of course be fast and book as soon as possible as cars will be booked quick with this sale.

The following countries are on sale on the following dates:
Friday 11th January – Finland, Iceland, Norway & Denmark
Saturday 12th January – Malta, Turkey & Greece
Sunday 13th January – Croatia, Poland, Israel & Costa Rica
Monday 14th January – Spain (mainland), Canaries & Balearics
Tuesday 15th January – Italy, France (mainland), Guadeloupe & Martinique
Wednesday 16th January – Portugal & Madeira

For more information and booking please visit

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If you are planning on visiting the Canadian part of the Rocky Mountains that is situate west of Calgary then this tip might interest you.

The closest city in between the Alberta mountains is Canmore which is situated in the Bow Valley. An area that held the 1988 Calgary winter Olympics which turned the town into the holiday resort it is today. Known for its skiing as well as a series of hiking, mountain biking, equestrian, and paved trails that traverse the Canmore area.

Accomondation in the area can be quite hard to find sometimes depending on the season but one should check out the Canmore rentals that are available especially if you feel like pampering yourself after a hard day in the nature.

For more information on low-price condos with a little more luxury and great prices, check out the availability in Canmore on

National Express is a carrier in both the train and the bus business in United Kingdom.
They are currently offering 450.000 tickets for the low price of 7 GBP. An additional booking fee of 1 GBP apply by the time of booking but if booking several tickets at once this 1 GBP fee will become minor impact on the ticket price.

Tickets are available for booking until 31st March but these will probably go fast so if you see it you should book it directly.

For more information and booking please visit

The German branch of the hotel booking site  is currently having a 72 hour sale on selected hotel rooms across the world. With countries like Belgium, Greece, Sweden, Brazil, Canada, US, Egypt, India, Japan and many other countries it is well worth to check out as the prices are up to 50% off.

On some offers it is even possible to get an additional 10% off by using the code: HEJAN10 when booking making it even cheaper.

For more information and booking please visit

It’s possible to get a cheap hotel room in a bigger city because of Expedia´s new flash sale on hotel rooms.
This weeks sale applies especially if you would like a bit more luxury for some reason and is looking to book at the larger hotel chains.

The sale this week is for certain hotels in the cities of London, Paris, Berlin, Amsterdam, Barcelona

On some of the selected hotels you even get additional 10% off the price by using the promo code EURO10EXP when booking a room and pay for it. Booking has to be done before Thursday 10th January.

For more information and booking please check-in at

planning saves money

If you want to stay low-budget and save money so you can travel Further. Longer. Cheaper. then you need to invest some of your time to plan ahead.
One important factor when travelling is to know a bit of prices when you get to your destination or area where you will be travelling.

This info is not always easy to find as you can spend hours on internet to search for validated information that is not outdated. One tip to save both money and time is to use a site named Eardex – The Earth Index.

This is a site that is continually updated with price index from all around the world.
A great database to use as a tool when planning the travel economy as it lists price index on local transportation, food, sleeping options as well as country information

Check it out at

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