November 2012

The photo was taken on a Hawaii flight in the 1970s

The photo was taken on a Hawaii flight in the 1970s

The flight scanner Skyscanner has conducted a survey of more than 700 international cabin crew members coming from 85 different countries regarding their passengers.

The work as a cabin crew member has since the start of aviation always been looked upon as a glamorous and desirable positions sometimes even with the high status of being a movie star in the sky. But as they are human beings just like passengers, they also get affected by regular habits and requests by the nearly 3 million people travelling through the skies every day. And it is understandable that some of them can after a while get under their skin.

As a tourist on vacation we usually relax and take things for granted not thinking that we actually are at another persons working place. We only come and leave before and after flight and during that whole flight we are their customers.

This is where a little consideration and courtesy can go a long way and make you a popular passenger among the crew.

So what are the top 10 most annoying habits of the passengers in the sky?

1.Clicking fingers to get your attention 26%
2.Leaving seat at the end before the seatbelt light goes off 13%
3.Stuffing too many bags into overhead locker 11%
4.Complaining there’s no space for their bag in the locker 10%
5.Talking through the safety demo 9%
6.Asking for more blankets/pillows   8%
7.Stuffing rubbish in the seat pocket 7%
8.Asking for a different meal 6%
9.Ringing the attendant bell to complain about temperature 6%
10.Asking for a specific brand of drink 4%
Spirit Airlines

Spirit Airlines

Low-cost carrier Spirit Airlines is having a flashsale just for today where you can buy tickets from 30 USD one-way!

But remember that cheap price is a cheap price and Spirit has carry-on luggage fees and can have high baggage fees.  Be no9t surprised but check their baggage policies by clicking on this link.

Book by the end of today, Friday 30th November. 

Travel dates are between 9th Jaunary and 6th of March 2013.

  • Atlanta – Dallas/Fort Lauderdale
  • Atlantic City – Fort Lauderdale/Fort Myers/Myrtle Beach/Tampa/West Palm Beach
  • Baltimore -Dallas/Fort Lauderdale
  • Boston – Myrtle Beach
  • Chicago – Dallas/Denver/Houston/Myrtle Beach/New York, NY/Phoenix
  • Dallas – Atlanta/Baltimore/Chicago/Denver/Detroit/Ft. Lauderdale/Houston/Las Vegas/New York/Orlando/Tampa
  • Denver – Chicago/Dallas/Las Vegas/ Phoenix
  • Fort Lauderdale – /Atlanta/Atlantic City/Baltimore/Cancun/Dallas/Niagara Falls/Orlando
  • Houston – Chicago/Dallas/Las Vegas
  • Las Vegas – Dallas/Denver/Houston/LA/Portland
  • Los Angeles – Las Vegas
  • New York – Chicago/Dallas/Detroit/Myrtle Beach
  • Phoenix – Chicago/Dallas/Denver

The price is valid in any direction.

For more information and booking please visit

If you are thinking about a visit to Central part of the Americas then there is currently a good deal to get by using a combination of KLM and Delta Airlines.

The flight is a fork flight by departing from Munich in Germany and fly to Panama City and return from Americas from Mexico City and arrive in Barcelona for the low price of 565 Euro.

A perfect offer if you will have longer time as the maximum stay allowance is 3 months and as usual the tickets are limited and are sold until 15th January 2013 or until sold out. Flights are available for travelling between 15th January and 30th April.

One example is leaving from Munich (MUC) on 30th January to Panama City (PTY) and return to Barcelona (BCN) from Mexico City (MEX) on the 27th February.

Booking can be done at



Photo: Ezbolor

Photo: Ezbolor

The Irish flag carrier Aer Lingus is currently offering 20% off the normal price on tickets between UK and Ireland. The discount applies on the price before taxes and charges and it does not apply on a checked bag or selected seat in the Plus Fare option.  Departures are from 1st January to 31st May 2013 and booking has to be done before Monday 3rd December.

The discount is applied on the following routes, note that Jersey route is seasonal operated

Dublin Cork Shannon Knock Belfast
Heathrow Tick Tick Tick Tick
Gatwick Tick Tick Tick
Birmingham Tick Tick Tick Tick
Manchester Tick Tick Tick
Bristol Tick Tick
Cardiff Tick
Edinburgh Tick Tick Tick
Glasgow Tick Tick
Blackpool Tick
Aberdeen Tick
Bournemouth Tick
Southend Tick
Isle of Man Tick
Jersey* Tick Tick

For more information and booking please visit

Photo: Lasse Fuss

Photo: Lasse Fuss

Another social media competition and this time with KLM UK on their facebook page.

Anyone who are over the age of 18, who have internet access and a valid e-mail address, who live in the UK or in Ireland and have a Facebook account can participate on the sweepstake where the 1st prize is a a pair of KLM  return tickets to Aruba in Economy Class  one of their UK and Ireland departure airports (Aberdeen, Birmingham, Bristol, Cardiff, Dublin, Durham Tees Valley, Edinburgh, Glasgow, Humberside, Leeds Bradford, London Heathrow, Manchester, Newcastle and Norwich) and a hotel stay for 7 complimentary nights at the Divi Village Golf & Beach resort in Aruba.

You can enter the sweepstake until 22nd December

For more information and to enter the competition please visit KLM UK´s facebook page by clicking here

Attribution: Jyi1693 at en.wikipedia

Attribution: Jyi1693 at en.wikipedia

The Malysian based low-cost carrier AirAsia has as usual on Friday´s their promotion called AirAsia fly-day.

Due to the time difference between Malaysia and Central Europe a lot of people miss out on the possibility to buy cheap tickets since they simply are unaware of the time difference. Malaysia has timezone GMT+8 which means that they are 7 hours ahead of central Europe during non summer time.

So the promotion starts tomorrow at 04:00 CET and goes on for 5 hours until 09:00 in the morning central Europe time.

This week the following flights are available for a low price from the worlds best low-cost carrier

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