Would you like to see more of the world but you always think that it cost too much?

Do you think that it is expensive and that you always have to save up all the money during the year?

Do you feel like you have too little vacation?


I want to prove that you are wrong!


I started to travel intensely in 2007 when I decided that I wanted to see more of the world and understand it better.

For the past years I have been able to travel outside the country borders for 8-10 weeks per year.

This even thought I work in a regular 9-18 office job with a yearly 5 weeks vacation plan, as I live in Europe but still I manage to travel more!

People always ask me how I can afford to travel so much and what I work with,

as I always seems to be travelling.

Actually it is very easy, it is all about planning and making some research for your travels before you go.

All that it requires is a little bit of investment in time on your side, but the reward can be so much more as you will be able to travel cheaper and hence also travel more often as the money will last longer.

I want to share all the knowledge I have managed to collect regarding travelling cheap with you, as I feel that more people should travel to have a better understanding about the world that we live in and also learn to respect each other as an individual and human being rather than have prejudice and being narrow-minded.

This blog is aimed to focus on giving you tips on travelling, travels, how to act and especially on products that I recommend for travelling to save you time and money.

Both that actually can help you travel even more!

All that it requires from you is an open mind and the willingness to spend a little time and adjust your own travelling behavior.

And if you have some tips yourself you want to share then I would be happy to post them here!

Yours Truly